25 Mar 2011

Nak – Nak and her Servants, Beauty in the Making by Arwassa

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Have you ever wonder, how custom toys end up looking like they do? how much time and effort does it take to insert a little piece of the artist soul in to a small piece of vinyl? If you’re a customizer or an artist you may already know the ups and downs of playing with sculpey, epoxy, resin and all the other stuff that comes with the trade. But for those of you that only have admired from a distance, and with every show and blog post continue to grow curious about the process, I would like to present you with a little window, so you can get a general idea of how this magic happens.

Meet Arwassa her real name is Yolanda Perez a talented artist and designer from Valencia, Spain. She studied painting in her youth and graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts of San Carlos. After studying different artistic techniques, found her vocation and style in the vector art and sculpture.

Preparing for sculpt – cutting the symbiote blank toy

How and when did you begun customizing?
ARWASSA: I began doing art toys tree years ago but I used to make plushes for myself and my friends and I customized action figures before.

Sculpting legs,hair and face features with epoxy

Which part of the customizing process did you enjoyed the most?
ARWASSA: I enjoyed the most when the modeling was finished and I applied the primer. All the shapes looked clean.

Final sculpt with primer – Clean Lines

Airbrushing the sculped piece with acrylics

What keeps you inspired?
ARWASSA: My own imaginary world and stories.

Nak – Nak and her Servants – Done, read her Story

Through her artwork and short stories Arwassa explores the girly world, full of evil and sweet faces, sensitive and voracious women. She has always been fascinated by the creation of complex and conflicting characters. Her girls are a mix of little funny girls and dangerous tyrants governing in a liquid and dreamlike world. Nobody could guess if they are benevolent or evil beings. As if they were gods, seduce, play and devour all with impunity.

Nak – Nak and her Servants is part of – For the Love of Vinyl – custom show, you can find this piece and other great customs at Dragatomi.

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