Whether you are a toy collector, artist, customizer or just an admirer the most frequent questions you may hear from people around you are;

Why do you like still like toys?
Why do you collect them?
What are they mini sculptures? art? or just toys?

The answers can range from complicated to nostalgic and personal, everyone has it’s reasons but from I’ve collected from fellow artist and from the people of the toy community is that we all share the same love and obsession for that piece of molded plastic. (vinyl, resin etc)

.:: We Love Them for the Sake of Them ::.

Because it provides a medium of expression that doesn’t need a reason to be, it’s a toy but it’s also a sculpture a one of a kind piece of art that brings us joy and encourage us to admire toys in a different way without loosing it’s playful essence, because who wants to have a toy and not be able to play with it?

That’s why we gathered 25 talented artists, designers and customizers from all over the world each one with their unique style and gave them a blank symbiote toy platform to play with, then we convince them to tell us what they like most about transforming these blank toys in to very special works of art.

– For The Love of Vinyl –

Is a labor of love a collaborative celebration of doing what you love, the way you want to, and how ever you want to do it, in this case the artists and designers have had the opportunity to create their very unique vision freely allowing them to use the technique, materials and theme of their choosing on their toy.

Why? you might ask

Well…  the honest answer is  “Cuz we’re Crazy for Toys” So If you are crazy too might as well join us and if you’re not, don’t you worry because you’re welcome to join the celebration, don’t be shy come in to admire, discover and explore your secret love for designer toys.